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Increases Energy & Mental Stamina*


Enhanced Cognition*

Stress Management*

Enhanced Memory*

Promotes Relaxation*

Dr. Tory Parker introduces Mental Essentials™

Dr. Parker is Chief Science Officer for Truvy™ LLC

Why Mental Essentials

Happiness, kindness, joy, and love of fellow humankind are fleeting emotions at best. People from all nations, all genders, all races and cultures; all desire for deep rooted acceptance, to be included, to be needed and appreciated. We all want and need to be accepted, to be connected - physically and mentally. To reconnect the world starts with you and me, individually. By rebuilding a healthy foundation, by re-establishing a new baseline of acceptance based on love and kindness, we must begin with our own self-assessment and begin to rebuild ourselves. This is the science of Mental Essentials
Happiness starts with ME



One (1) x 15-day sample card
of Mental Essentials™
(contains 2 x 15ct. blister packs)
Free North America shipping


$ 39.00 USD +taxes


Five (5) x 15-day sample cards
of Mental Essentials™
(contains 10 x 15ct. blister packs)
Free North America shipping


$135.00 USD +taxes

Twenty PACK

Twenty (20) x 15-day sample cards
of Mental Essentials™
(contains 40 x 15ct. blister packs)
Free North America shipping


$495.00 USD +taxes

     MENTal Essentials™
Tru Lifestyle Pack

2 x 15-day Mental Essentials™ cards,
1 x H&H drink (choice of flavor),
1 x Truvy truFIX®️ 60ct capsules
Free North America shipping

$139.00 USD +taxes

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  • TruLifeStyle™ - Watermelon H&H (4197)
  • TruLifeStyle™ - Pink Grapefruit H&H (4196)
  • Mental Essentials™ w/ H&H Elderberry (4240)
  • Mental Essentials™ w/ H&H Grape (4241)
  • Mental Essentials™ w/ H&H Grapefruit (4242)
  • Mental Essentials™ w/ H&H Watermelon (4243)

What Others are Saying About Mental Essentials

 The NPN number is from Health Canada* 

Number of medicinal ingredients: 19

Number of nootropic health claims: 8
(supplements that enhance cognitive function)

Number of physical enhancement health claims: 8

Number of health claims related to vitamin/mineral intake: 14

*One of the world's most rigorous regulatory consumer protection government agencies.

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